Maintaining Streetlights

KAPSCO installs and maintains streetlights

Geotagging and Numbering Scheme

To effectively maintain all streetlights in Kaduna, KAPSCO is geotagging, numbering, and developing a database of all its installed lights. Over 860 streetlights have been geotagged so far. 

The geotagged streetlights are uploaded on the Energy Map with a unique identifier number, which makes it easier for KAPSCO to locate a faulty light.

Rural Lighting Initiative

What started out as the Rural Lighting Initiative to complement the Urban Renewal Project has expanded to include peri-urban locations, markets, motor parks and areas that boost night-time socio-economic activities.


Priority 1: Improving Healthcare

By installing functional streetlights on up to 1km of road leading to a model Primary Healthcare Center (PHC) in each LGA, we can ensure safety and ease of finding the PHC at night. Coupled with the solar systems that will be installed to power PHCs, the streetlights will help improve quality of healthcare delivery across Kaduna.

Priority 2: Night-time Economy

By installing lights in Night markets, Social hubs, Entertainment Centers and Transportation hubs/parks/garages.

Priority 3: Roads with High Volume of Traffic

State-owned roads of various classes that have high vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the early mornings or at night.

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